Compuboost Electric Bike

Compuboost Electric Bike

Compuboost, was founded in 1992 repairing and upgrading computers in Southern Orange County. Since 2011, we began to convert bicycles to electric bikes.

As the “Green Revolution” began to take root, many of us began searches for alternatives to gas burning cars, and it was clear that for many situations, like commuting, going to school, running about town, or just for fun–Bikes were preferable to cars and motocycles. We started doing bicycle conversions. Customers would bring us their bikes and we would convert their ride to electric bikes.

Premium Electric Bikes

Although these were very good and functional, we saw that as technology improved, in batteries and motors, we needed full fledged, grounds up electric bikes, which we introduced as our premium line. These bikes are the latest generation, and have lots of innovative features like folding alloy frames, magnesium wheels, computer control, large internal batteries and powerful motors.

Made in USA Electric Bikes

Another advantageous development is that recently a USA frame maker has started to make bikes. Called BCA, they form the basis of our second line of electric bikes, including models for boys and girls, standard and cruiser models for men and women, a stretch model for 6′ tall and above, and a fat tire model for sand and snow, even an electric tricycle, or trike for those who need help balancing.

Sales and Service

We service what we sell, and we will service and repair other models and even home brew DIY (do it yourself) electric bike builds. And we still do conversions, so if you have a favorite frame, we can convert and electrify it for you.

Rent to Try

Finally, if you would like to rent an electric bike first to see if it is suitable for you, we can rent any of our models for a low fee, by the hour, or by the day or week (to see if it will work for your commute or for school)