Electric Bike Rental Orange County

We have affordable electric bike rentals. Rent just a half day (4hrs) or full day (8hrs) trip for fun. We also have greatly discounted 24hr (1-day) and 48hr (2-day or weekend) rates. This allows you to pick up the bike, then use it at your leisure the next day or two or over the weekend, and then return it.

Great for trips, or for just testing out a commute or even whether you would like to own an electric bike or not, without taking a risk of spending a lot of money on a new bike. We rent many configurations, including cruiser, even buddy seats for toddler. We rent standard bikes, trikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes, fat tire bikes and commuter bikes.

We also have rent to own, so if you do decide to buy the bike, your rental fees are deducted from the price of the new bike.