electric bike rental

Electric Bike Rental

We offer electric bike rental by the hour, half day and full day. All bikes, including the electric trike, can be legally ridden on any paved road where bikes are allowed.

Orange County has lots of hills, so electric bikes allow easy cruising for all ages without drenching yourself in sweat or risking a heart attack. We have bikes for boys, girls, adults of all ages and size, even a trike for people liking the extra stability of a trike.

For off road trails, local zoning may have separate rules. There is about 75 miles of off road electric bike trails in Orange County from our location. See our section on Orange County Trails. In general, paved roads (with only occasionally unpaved sections) unconditionally allow electric bikes. For unpaved roads, please check with the local park authorities.

Use the above maps to prepare a neat, clean, enviromentally sound trip through roads and offroad sections from town to town, stopping at popular eating spots to rest.

Standard Electric Rental Bikes

The following are rented:

All electric bikes feature MY1016 or MY1018 DC rare earth magnet motors, 36V Lithium batteries, thumb or twist throttle (Class 2 style), brake levers with motor cutoff switch, chain driven direct rear wheel drive, automatic chain tensioner, Direct Current motor and controller

We also rent accessories like helmets, extra batteries for extended range, racks and trailers.

Premium Electric Bike Rental

In addition, we rent our premium electric folding bikes.

Our premium bikes have superior power and range. They can be configured as Class 1(Pedal Asisst) or Class 2 (throttle) or Class 3 (highest power)

Easy to Rent

We only require a deposit, and a waiver. Then you get a short orientation and we fit out the bike to your satisfaction.