made in US electric Bikes

Best Value: solid, affordable Electric bikes. Most models are made in the US, from BCA Frames and components.

Boys, Girls, Mens, Womens models in street and cruiser frames, plus Stretch Tall mans, fat tire and Electric Tricycle models.

All feature:

  • Powerful 36V model, using famous MY1018 DC geared motors, 250W and 450W motors
  • Lithium ion 36V batteries, with expandable capacity
  • Rear wheel drive for natural bike feel, maximum torque
  • Class 2 throttle control with optional Class 1 Pedal Assist
  • Motor Cutoff Brake levers
  • Self adjusting drive chain tensioner.
  • Top speed limited by gearing ratio.

Available for purchase or rent, by the hour, day or weekly.

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