Compuboost Electric Bikes

Premium Folding Electric Bikes

Compuboost offers a premium line of Folding Electric Bikes. Using highest grade components and expert worksmanship, these bikes offer great value and pride of ownership.

Four Folding Electric Bike models :

  • M005: The Hard tail Z-Frame Folding electric bike, optimized for long range. It is the ideal commuter, college, town runabout bike. using a long endurance 48V 350W motor drive train.
  • M003: The Full suspension Folding electric bike, optimized for power and hill climbing ability. Ideal for on and off road riding, trail riding, hilly terrain. It uses a 48V 500W integrated high torque motor for massive acceleration and performance.
  • M007: The Superduty Fat Tire Folding electric bike. The go anywhere do anything bike, with huge 4″ tires, and extended 52″ wheelbase. Massive 4″ 5 spoke Mag wheel rims and a 48V 500W integrated motor system. Rule the street, beach, mountain trails, snow with this bike.
  • F008: Compact Z-Frame folding electric bike, for gentler riders. With a lower power 36V 250W hub motor and 20″ wheels, it is easier to ride for smaller, older, younger riders. However, fully extended it still fits adults easily.

Premium Folding Electric Bike Features:

  • All alloy construction, with aircraft quality 6061 Aluminum tubes and solid billet construction. All welds are full length, and of highest quality.
  • Highest quality components, with alloy, stainless or titanium bolts (optional).
  • All bikes fold, with frame, pedals and handlebars that fold easily. The hinge points were designed so the after unfolding, no adjustments are necessary. Just get on and ride.
  • Powerful hub motors drive all our bikes, with both throttles and pedal assist provided. This allows a choice of Class 1 (pedal assist only), Class 2 (throttle control) and Class 3 (exceeds 28+ Mph).
  • Advanced programmable computer has odometer, elasped and real time clock, trip computer, speedometer, speed limiter (to meet Class 1 , Class 2 or Class 3) requirements. Plus special features like “Walk” mode, Front light Switch

All bikes come with a full one year warranty or 6,000 miles which every comes first. And a 2 Year warranty or 12,000 miles on the power train– motor, battery, drive components. Consumable items like tires, chain and brake pads are not included in the warranty.

Folding is the key to Convenience:

Our our bikes folds to the size of a baby stroller. It folds in half at the frame, the pedals fold, and the handlebars can be swung out of the way. This makes transport easy. Can fit in most cars, all SUV and trucks, even can be ridden to buses, trains and airplanes and folded as check in luggage.

In the home, dorm or office, the bike can be partially folded into slim 12-14″ so it out of the way in hallways or against the wall in rooms.

Folding Electric bikes are perfect for RV, Boats, Dorms, even for Rangers and Poliece Patrol because they can be stashed easily in any vehicle or jeep and unfolded in less than 60 sec with no adjustments to ride away;