36V, 450W Electric Tricycle Conversion Kit


Tricycle electric conversion kit 36V 450w motor 13.2Ah Lithium battery


Conversion kit for Tricycle. Converts to 36V 450W side drive, with 13.2Ah lithium ion battery pack

36V, 450W conversion kit consisting of

  • 36V, 450W Geared Motor with 12T Cog
  • Motor mounts and Attachment Plate
  • Steel support bars
  • Rotor drive cog 32T adapter
  • 1/8 chain with master link
  • Disc brake levers with cutoff
  • Motor controller
  • Chain tensioner
  • Thumb or twist throttle
  • Headlight
  • On/off switch
  • Charge indicator
  • Wire and screw kit
  • Battery bag
  • 36V, 13.2AH battery (3 pcs 4.4AH battery)


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