Electric Bikes

Folding Electric Bikes

We carry 4 models of electric bike, with variations. All are computer programmable to be Class 1 (Pedal Assist), Class 2 (Throttle), Class 3 Unlimited.

F008 Compact Folding Electric Bike

F008 Compact Electric folding bike. Perfect for general riding, school, smaller or older riders because it has a lower essays services straddle height. It is also our least expensive premium bike.

M003 Electric Mountain Bike

M003 Folding Electric Mountain Bike. With the best power to weight ration of all our bikes, it flattens hills and curves like no other. Full suspension, long battery life and high torque makes this bike perfect for road, off-road and trails.

M005 Folding Road Bike

M005 Electric Road Bike. With its 60mi range, low maintenance design, perfect for commute, school and other daily usage. Includes power USB cell phone holder. Hardtail Z-frame means it accepts standard accessories like racks and baskets.

M007 Super Duty All terrain Fat Tire Folding Bike

M007 SuperDuty Fat Tire Electric Bike. This is an all terrain, do anything, go anywhere electric bike. It folds to so easy to carry since it is too long to fit in most hitch racks. Power and strong, one of the best bikes available at any price.

Folds for easy carry

Our bikes fold for easy carry. All will fold for even the smallest car can carry without problem.